Your wedding is the most important day of your life. Every song played is important, every second counts. We understand the magnitude of the event and we embrace it. Sole Power has been a leader in wedding entertainment, live music, and DJ services since 2003. We have a dedicated and versed roster of wedding staff whose sole purpose is to assure that each wedding client is getting full attention and service. We specialize in providing the following for weddings of all shapes and sizes:

  • Live Music
  • DJ’s
  • Specialty performers
  • All technical and audio visual needs

Live Music:

Sole Power offers many choices in live music and entertainment.

The Sole Power Live Band is the highest demanded wedding band in the country.

Here’s why…

SP Live features young, energetic and vibrant musicians. The only band that truly performs like a DJ, by seamlessly mixing from song to song without a pause. This band is best known for their ability to blend a classic R&B, Motown, and funk sound, with all the newest top 40 and pop hits.

We also roster two other full live bands.

The Digs


Additionally, we offer a variety of smaller bands, duos, and solo musicians to accompany your DJ. Live music is a great addition to any wedding event.


Sole Power has a unique approach when it comes to providing DJ’s. What sets us apart is our ability to supply DJ’s who not only can “mix music”, but who also have the ability to read a crowd. Our DJ’s take the time to meet and discuss your needs with you. This is your special day, there cannot be any surprises. These KEY pieces are the difference in how fast your guests get on the dance floor, how late they stay at the party and how much energy the evening has. DJ’ing isn’t rocket science, but there is certainly a method to the madness.

It’s important to not only work with a great DJ, but to work with a well established company with a great reputation. That is Sole Power. As the client, you don’t want to worry about your DJ getting sick on your special day, or if a piece of his equipment breaks. Sole Power has a large roster of over 100 entertainers and a full production facility to ensure that each and every event gets exactly what they are expecting. We always have reserve staff available, in addition to having protocol in place to ensure all curve balls can be dealt with. The key is that on your special day, you deserve to be a guest! Let Sole Power allow you to do so.

If you still aren’t convinced, Sole Power teaches the city’s DJ’s as the company behind Scratch lab DJ Institute. Scratch Lab is the recognized leader in DJ training across Canada. For more information on Scratch Lab, please visit

Specialty Performers:

If you are looking for something that sets your wedding apart from the rest, this may be for you. Sole Power offers a wide variety of performers and entertainers that can be a stand out part to your event. From break dancers, to red carpet models to gospel choirs to samba bands, Sole Power has the largest roster of unique ideas that can be custom designed to fit your event, schedule and budget.

Technical and Audio / Visual:

Sole Power has their very own production facility, complete with state of the art equipment. Wedding clients can rely on Sole Power to provide the following:

  • Audio
  • Band sound
  • Dance floors
  • Dry Ice
  • Consoles and playback
  • Custom Gobo’s
  • Haze effects
  • L.E.D walls and panels
  • Lucite podiums
  • Media Walls
  • Moving head light fixtures
  • Pin spotting
  • Plexi stage sections
  • Power needs
  • Rigging needs and support
  • Smoke machines
  • Stages
  • Trussing
  • Up lighting
  • Video screens
  • Wireless audio and band PA

We use only the best equipment, including the following brands:


  • Denon
  • Hi End
  • JBL
  • Le Maitre
  • Mackie
  • Martin
  • Pioneer
  • Rane
  • Shure
  • Technics