Toronto’s Got Talent

When we think of local hip-hop talent, one name immediately comes to mind. Drake. From Forest Hill Elementary School student, to Mega-Worldwide Superstar, there’s no doubt Drake has come a long way in a short time. But as recently as last week, there’s been proof he’s not the only talented one from the area. Growing up just walking distance from Drake, 12 year old Jake Zeldin can spit rhymes pretty well, and last week he proved it to the superstar himself. Check out the Jake-Drake Connection, as well as this article on this pretty awesome kid from right in your backyard. Know someone with great talent as well? Post a comment telling us more.



Happy Birthday To Us!

This weekend makes it 9 years since little baby Sole Power entered the world. Still growing… and getting better everyday. 4 years till Sole Power’s Bar Mitzvah…. I wonder whose gonna DJ it?


When Has A Trend Run It’s Course?

We love a good link as much as anyone. We can spare a minute in our day to watch a funny video or look at a rare picture that’s making headlines. The latest video we’ve come across is this one Rock of Ages: Jewish Version. Now we’ll admit it’s clever, well put together and relevant (the holiday is only 2 weeks away) but this is the fifth Jewish parody in this calendar year! (Our favourite is still Jewish and I know it).  Just think how much we’d actually enjoy this new video if we didn’t have to compare it to it’s predecessors! For the record, from our research, the songs”Candle Light” by the Maccabeats, started this trend…. yet we all still know what the best Chanukah song is….

Same goes for flash mobs… still amazing be to be a part of or see live… but the videos just don’t cut it anymore. We’re on the lookout for something new and fresh. C’mon youtube generation, let’s use our creativity.


C’mon Madonna, Let Us Make Your Setlist

We do know Madonna will be performing at the Super Bowl half-time show (just announced today) and we do know she will do everything in her power to avoid a wardrobe malfunction, but we don’t know what songs she’ll be singing. The Sole Power crew think’s it should have a little something to do with the teams involved. So here’s our picks based on teams that could be in the big game

Dallas Cowboys- American Pie (2000)- Think of America and two things that immediately come to mind, pie and the big D star. What a perfect song choice if America’s team is in the game.

Green Bay Packers- Frozen (1998)- With the Packers playing all their playoff games at home in the frozen tundra this song is only fitting.

New England Patriots- Vogue (1990)- The poster boys for the NFL the last decade, this team would have no problem striking a few poses for Super Bowl pictures. Doesn’t hurt that their star player is also married to a Victoria Secret model.

Baltimore Ravens- Ray of Light (1998)- Ray Rice, Ray Lewis, it’d be a nice tribute to 2 of the biggest stars in the league

SolePower Flag Football Team- Like A Prayer (1989)- Hey, we can dream can’t we?




We Are Pro-Mo

December 1st a day when a lot of sinks are clogged with facial hair that’s been freshly shaved. Although a few guys at office pulled a Mo and lots of donations were made we still feel the need to spotlight one Toronto face who no longer has facial flare. Joel Carman long time owner of ‘Over The Rainbow’ Jeans in Yorkville, shaved off his moustache he’s had for 44 years! (Think about what song was popular at his bar mitzvah!). Raising over $40, 000 we give Joel a big thumbs up. His merchandise is pretty great too. Well done Joel. For more on Joel and Movember, check out the link


Deadmau5 and AMAZING Effects…. Anything To Sell a Phone

Although I’m still unsure of any of the features this phone has, we love Deadmau5 and love cool images…so combine the 2 with thousands of screaming fans…. Ya, that’s post-worthy. Check it


Deadmau5 in London

I Could NEVER See The Magic Eye Image!

Remember being on the playground when a friend says “hey look at this picture, if you stare close enough a 3-D image pops out.”? Well no matter how long I looked at that thing I could never see it. I’m almost over it.  Then there’s this guy Liu Bolin, who takes it to a whole new level and actually makes himself a 3-D image. Let us know if your next event is ‘Soda Pop” themed so we can paint your DJ like this.



Retro+Fashionable= Awesome

The Sole Power team averages about 32 pairs of fresh kicks per team member, and this pair would definitely make a good addition to the Sole Power collection . Custom kicks are definitely in and not going anywhere.  Check out the full gallery at


Honestly… How Good Was ‘Watch The Throne’

One of the best concerts we’ve ever been to! So happy we could send a lucky Sole Power facebook follower (and an even luckier friend of that follower!) to see Kanye and Jay Z . Don’t forget to follow us on facebook for more contests and updates.



Need A Glee Fix? Check Our List

Although we love Thanksgiving for the food and Black Friday, we don’t love that some of our favourite shows took a week off. So to get out glee fix we give you our top 10 Glee songs so far.

10. Rumour Has It/ Someone Like You Mashup

9. Don’t Stop Believing

8. Empire State of Mind

7. Listen

6. Run The World (Girls)

5. Halo/Walking on Sunshine

4. Marry You

3. Defying Gravity

2. Poker Face

1. Singing in The Rain/Umbrella