Countdown to KnK is ON

Toronto is a hub for anything entertainment related, so it’s hard sometimes to get excited for a show when they usually come in masses. We’re gonna make the exception to that rule this time as we are now just over a week away from Keys N Krates live at The Hoxton (If you haven’t been to The Hoxton yet, get out from under that rock). The guys who re-invented the remix put on an UNBELIEVABLE show, and throw in that they’ll be with Grandtheft, we guarantee ourselves our best musical night of 2012 thus far.

Need more info, check it out here




World Has A Little Less Soul

We’re always asked what inspired the name Sole Power. There are a few background stories but the main inspiration was the Godfather of Soul James Brown. (If you’ve never heard JB’s Soul Power, definitely click the link). Along with JB comes another innovator of Soul, Don Cornelius host of Soul Train from 1971-1993, who passed away yesterday. (To put his legacy in perspective when Don started, gas was 35 cents a litre.)

If you’ve never heard of Soul Train, the show definitely embodied the Sole Power mentality of having fun, letting loose while being professional and entertaining at the same time. At a time when we lose one of soul’s greatest, we gotta take time to remember the awesomeness.

Soul Train Line


You can read the full article here, in the meantime we’re having a soul day at the office. Earth Wind and Fire, KC and the Sunshine band, and James Brown. RIP Don Cornelius, “and as always in parting, we wish you love, peace and soul!”



Whose Hungry?

There was a small part of me that wanted to only have this picture as the entire post (instagram style) and let it speak for itself, but I digress.

It’s that time of year when football and non-football fans alike come together to eat copious amounts of food (for good ideas check out The Most Ridiculous Super Bowl Snack Stadiums), socialize and wait anxiously for the most creative commercial.

Sole Power will be represented a few Super bowl parties across the city so don’t be shy to request a song two. (Rumour has it your song gets played quicker if you’re wearing a Brady jersey)

Enjoy the big game.


Move Over Kelly Clarkson!

This would be a fun game, let’s ask some people that claim to know music if they know the following people.


If you knew that was Lee DeWyze, Kris Allen and Taylor Hicks, all previous winners of American Idol… good on you (cause I’ll be honest I didn’t know that) You also probably knew that because you watch the show not because you were one of the 39 000 people to buy Lee DeWyze’s debut CD (note: If you were one of those people, stop reading, you probably won’t enjoy the rest of this.)

So where am I going with this? The truth is, as Simon Cowell pointed out in a recent Rolling Stone article, DJ’s are the rockstars, and with that he is starting a DJ talent competition similar to Idol. Deadmau5, David Guetta, Afrojack all are almost household names. (Second Note: The Deadmau5 concert at the Rogers Centre sold more tickets than Lee’s Debut album.) Atta boy Simon for seeing the value in a new art form.  See the announcement in rolling stone here



Woodstock What?

There’s a new player in town when it comes to the world’s most sought after conglomeration concert. Coachella has been gaining popularity every year and this year look’s to be it’s biggest yet. With HUGE names on this year’s list (Snoop Dog, Bon Iver, David Guetta) and a slew of artists on the cusp of stardom (hello Airplane Boys) there’s no doubt this is one of the hottest tickets in town. A few of us are on our way while the rest of the team has to sit on their computers and like people’s facebook statuses that include “Coachella Booked” or “Countdown to Coachella” is on. It’s gonna be a good one.


Song About BIC

After a quick poll around the office the nicest gift any of us got for being born was a hand made sweater. That’s probably because none of us have parents named Jay-Z or Beyonce. To honour Blue Ivy Carter, a song has already been released dedicated to her. Baby Blue now has had a whole floor dedicated to her birth, thousands of tweets announcing her birth and a soon to be hit song in her honour… all before being a week old. Not bad. Can’t wait for the ‘Watch The Cradle’ tour.


Winter Jamming

If you’ve been outside your house for more than 30 seconds the past 2 days you know how cold Toronto weather can be. So when I turn on my car and need a solid 15 minutes for it to warm up and defrost there’s no better time to pull out some CD’s from the dash and remind myself of great music. Yesterday was an Eminem day (reminded me how catchy the Real Slim Shady was) and today was an “I Got Sole” day. I can really bring it to any track on any of the 3 CD’s and just start rocking out (although my personal favourite is the Stokes rap at the beginning of volume 2). In case you haven’t heard any of the 3, you can download them on the media section of the site. What’s your winter jam? Suggestions are always appreciated.



Mashup Battle Of The Year

2011 came to an end this weekend in what was a pretty great year in music. As with every other year when we change the calendar to January, we get a mashup from DJ Earworm highlighting the year’s best. This year however, the mashup artist from San Fran has some stiff competition from overseas. A collection by Mashup Germany has also been created in what we think is just as good if not better than Earworms. Take a listen to both, let us know your thoughts. Cheers to big things in 2012. DJ Earworm Vs. Mashup Germany


Did The Raptors Commit A Jersey Foul?

I’m as patriotic as the next Canuck, but I’m not sure I would stand on guard for these. The Raptors unveiled their tribute to the military uniforms, which as an idea I actually love, just wish the design was one that didn’t leave me squinting at my monitor. Either way we’re excited to see the Raps back this season, especially at their home opener December 28th, featuring some SP staff on-court. Maybe they can tell the execs that although we’re all for supporting the troops maybe some retro jerseys with proceeds going to the troops would be a better idea? Go Raps Go


Gifts Nobody Needs, But Some May Like

It’s that time of year. You know the one, when you spend 45 minutes looking for a parking spot at Yorkdale just so you could find a gift for your cousins new girlfriends sister. Well, I’m not here to give you surefire, can’t-miss gifts but rather the hilarious, I can’t believe people bought this but I kinda want one too gifts.

1.  The GlowBar

The name is pretty self-explanatory. A glow-in-the-dark crowbar, you know for those times when you need to pry something open….in laser quest?  On the brightside (pun intended) this is an awesome way to make giving a crowbar as a gift cool.

2. ShockBall


Another name that suits a product well. This is the 21st century version of hot potato. That’s right, pass the shockball around until randomly the shockball emits a mild electric shock through your body…doesn’t that sound like fun? for $14 we think it’s worth the laughs, but will probably end up next to your devil sticks and pogs by March.

Happy Holidays