YMG 2 Options

YMG2 cocktail uplighting

YMG 2 Video Wall

YMG 2 uplighting colour options

YMG 2 dance floor moving lights (no uplighting)

YMG 2- Dance floor moving lights with uplights

All white uplighting and moving lights

York Mills Gallery Options

DJ Booth With Colour change

White Dj booth with String light backrop

YMG dance floor lighting

YMG LED sparkle Drape

YMG lasers

YMG 2 tier Stage with Moving Lights, Uplighting, Matrix Beams and Haze

Guitar & Strings

YMG 1 Matrix Beam Dance Lights

YMG 1 Uplighting

YMG 1 Dance Floor Movers

YMG 1 Video with Podium Spot VS No Podium Spot

YMG 1 Video

YMG 2 Soft Uplighting Podium VS No Podium

YMG 2 Uplighting Colours