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Francois With Jon Bellion

Our very own Francois Klark opened for Jon Bellion this past weekend for his ‘Beautiful Mind’ Tour. Tatoo Rock parlour was packed with fans and the show came out to rave reviews. Looking forward to Francois’ next big performance.


Notable.Ca Awards

We are thrilled to announce our own Abby T has been nominated for a award.

The Notable Awards powered by Fusion recognizes the most notable young professionals across the country. Created by Canada’s undisputed brand and publication for young professionals,, in partnership with Ford’s cutting edge and sleek Fusion, these awards are dedicated to recognizing the most notable young professionals across all of Ontario, Quebec, and Western Canada who are living the 360° young professional life, from work to play.

Young professionals in the following 31 industries all share the opportunity of being crowned the most notable within their industry. Winning a Notable Award grants recognition by leading corporations and individuals across the country. Think of it as The Oscars for young professionals and entrepreneurs.

Vote for Abby here


LED Hula Hoop

Stilt Performers – Maraca

Cleopatra Williams- Valerie

Three To Be Gala

Check out the Sole Power girls on stage with Kardinal at this past weekends Three To Be Gala.

Fire Performance

Crazy Choreography

Check out the latest video from OK GO and the choreography that follows


Wedding Lighting

Don’t think lighting is important? Check out this article on How Lighting Can Make A Wedding Magical


The Lost Fingers