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SHOWTIME! Tomorrow

Be sure to come out to the Warehouse Event Venue tomorrow for the year’s best party trade show.


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Francois live @ Soho House

York Mills Gallery Lighting Demo

Francois Klark on CP24

Francois Klark performs on CP24

Francois Klark on CP 24 Continued

Sole Power Gives Back

We are so happy to have helped the Tracey Rubinoff Foundation reach it’s goal of $1 million raised. Such a wonderful, warm family that we are happy to be connected with.


30 Songs To Walk Down The Aisle To

Need ideas on what to walk down the aisle to? Check out this list found on 8tracks. We’re also happy to create a custom song using live music. The options are infinite.


Songs To Walk Down An Aisle To from shawnerific on 8tracks Radio.

Samba Performance

Milan Covers “When I Was Your Man”

Top 10 Films To See @ TIFF

Curious what film’s to check out at this year’s festival? Check it out here