Archive: March 2013 - Sole Power Productions
Giving The Real Credit

It’s unbelievable how many people have called us asking what the song from the Joe Fresh denim commercial is. Although we acknowledge Joe Fresh as picking a catchy hit, we think it’s time the artist got some credit. Check out Sam and the Womp


Anyone Can Learn

People always ask if coming to scratch lab can make them the next david guetta. Well it’s not a bad place to start. Just keep in mind that for the worlds best it’s a lifestyle not a hobby. Take a look at this video of a 13 year old ‘beginner’ DJ.



This is a pretty big tease for any Daft Punk fans. New album will be released in May but for those of you that want a taste, check out this 15 second clip


How They Move

Sole Power was THRILLED to be on hand yesterday at OIP Dance Studio for the auditions for ‘The Cast’. Our girl Angela Mahoney started the day off with some wicked choreo and sole power got to watch the magic happen. Cast 2013 is gonna be big.


Still Loving Marla Joy

You may recognize that voice. It’s Sole Power Live’s own Marla Joy with her own track. Ya, we’ve had this one on repeat.


What’s New: Synthetic Ice

After our post earlier in the week involving the ice DJ booth we had some requests for what else we can do with ice. This synthetic ice performance is a must for anyone with an ice, skating or hockey related theme. Amazing.


Sole Power NCAA Picks

Back by popular demand, the SP office staff make their picks for the NCAA tournament champion.

We know music plays a big roll in a players success. So using that knowledge we complied these picks.

Teri- Miami- I love the weather and their jerseys

Matt- Gonzaga- Any team with that many Canadians has to do well

Lesley- Duke- My friend has a dog named Duke, he’s awesome

Edan- Louisville- They’re the favourites.

Coldest DJ on Earth

Looking for something cool for your next event? …. The ice DJ both is literally the coolest. Check it out.


St Party’s Day 2013

On the day that hosts the most partys around the city, SP was proud to be a part of the biggest and best. St. Party’s Day in downtown Toronto was a huge success, thanks to everyone that came out


A Look Into An SP Event

How could you ever take a full night of SP entertainment and production and put into a 40 second clip? I’m not sure. But we did it.