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Valentines Is Coming

So you better get on finding that someone. And what better two people to help you find love than two who just did so themselves…on national TV. Brand And Bianka from the Bachelor will be hosting a Bachelor/Bachelorette auction at Arcadian Court on February 12th. Our friends at O/B and thrilled for this event and we know it’ll be awesome. Pucker Up.


Great Cause This Weekend

Hockey is back…and so is our favourite charity event on ice. Come out this Sunday to the Tracey Rubinoff Skate-A-Thon at Ricoh Colliseum. Great chance to skate with your friends, win some good prizes and meet some celebs. Sole Power will definitely be in the building.


More Blogs The Better

We love our blog (and from the emails we get you guys are fans too). We appreciate when you tell your friends and family and so why wouldn’t we do the same. Check out fellow events person Melissa Andre’s blog (especially the piece on the Alomar wedding which Sole Power and Melissa. Great job by the whole team.


JT On Repeat

If you do not like listening to the same song over and over again you would not like the SP office today. We are blasting the new Justin Timberlake single ‘suit and tie’. There’s no doubt JT is back. check it out here


Vegas Vacation

Whose coming to Vegas with us? With the completion of the world’s hottest nightclub Hakkasan almost here, Vegas really is going to be a worldwide leader in entertainment. With Deadmau5, Tiesto and now Sole Power on it’s way. You won’t want to miss any action.


Cover of the Day

We love a good cover. And we’re not afraid to share it, check out Connor Maynard’s cover of one of the biggest songs of the season.


Learn From The Master: Pyro

There’s not many better in the city at locking than SP’s own Pyro. Check out this sneak peek video on Pyro’s locking class


SP Superbowl Predictions

Some team members at the Sole Power office know football.. some know nothing.. that’s what makes it so fun. Here are just a few of the highlights from the Sole Power office Superbowl Picks

Edan- New England Patriots- “What team has the guy dating the victoria secret model?”

Abby- Minnesota Vikings- “It’s never who you think is gonna win”

Dave- Denver Broncos- “Best record, team to beat”

Teri- Seattle Seahawks- ” Saw them play in Toronto, can’t see them losing to anyone”

Matt- Atlanta Falcons- ” My name is Matt Ryan… gotta have faith”

Lesley- Washington Redskins- “I just bought pants the same colour as their jersey”


Cartoon’s Day Off

What does one of Mayhem’s Finest do on his day off? Not stop dancing of course. Great video by Kilo of SP’s own Cartoon


Song Of The Year?

We thought about making our own list for the best songs of 2012 but since Rolling Stone has done a pretty thorough job the past couple years, we figured we’d throw it to them. This years list is definitely all over the map with the top 10 including hip hop, country, rock etc. so good on them for that. The #1 song is Hold On- Alabama Shakes, not a horrible pick but definitely got a bit of a boost cause of it’s trendiness. We were pretty shocked Taylor Swift made it to #2, a girl usually snubbed by RS. Also pertinent to note that Carly Rae’s “Call Me Maybe” was #50. Check out the full list here