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Showtime Month!

It’s October tomorrow or as we like to call it. Showtime Month! Don’t forget to swing by the Warehouse on October 11th


Must Go To Places At Nuit Blanche

Wanna stay up all night on Saturday but don’t know where to go? Here are a couple ideas.

Nuit Blah- Located at Geary and Dovercourt this is one of the few spots with music. Several bands combined with a good bbq. You’ll see me there

Zillion Butterfilies Exhibit- located at 197 John St, this exhibit has hundreds of insects… either gross out your friends or take a creepy picture.

Secret Performance- We’re not really sure what’s going down but at 11pm at King West there’s suppsoed to be something good… tell your friends you heard it here first.

Drake Hotel-1150 Queen St West. With a House party DJ from Chicago and bar open until 4am. This one’s gonna be a party

See ya for breakfast Sunday


Easy There Billie Joe

Everyone loves a music festival… well almost everyone. This week is the iHeart Radio Music fetisval featuring, lil wayne, no doubt, green day and everyone’s favourite viral video star PSY. You’d think all those acts would be happy to be there….wel not the lead singer of Green Day. Check out his reaction to being cut-off early.


Only Try These Moves North Of The 49th

If it’s 2 things I love, it’s being Canadian and viral videos… somehow we’ve combined both those things into one. Check out the OFFICIAL Canadian dance moves. We’ve already got them down


Sam Sniderman- Toronto Music Icon

Remember where you bought your first CD or (dare I say it, cassette?) I remember it being at Sam the Record Man (I also remember staying in a lineup outside the store in March 2005 from 2am-9am to get first crack at concert seats). Either way we all have memories of that music museum started by Sam Sniderman. Unfortunately Sam passed away this evening at 92. Take some time today to think about this Toronto music icon…. I’m busting out the tape player. R.I.P Sam


Best $10 You’ll Ever Spend

Instead of the double-shot soy latte this weekend, thake your $10 and try the streaming music service RDIO. There’s no A as there’s absolutely no ads keeping the music pumping 24/7. It works with all phones, computers, Sonos players and music can even be transferred for when you’re offline. I highly recommend giving it a shot (yes I hope my friends are reading so I can stop giving them my music).


The New Odd Couple

I bet a year ago a majority of people couldn’t name me every person in this picture… which is exactly what makes this year’s American Idol judges so awesome. Good mix of ages and genres is gonna make the judging just as good as the singing. Still laughing at Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban in the same picture….


Saturday Night With The Sheepdogs

I’ll admit I don’t often spend my Saturday’s as a guest at an event not working it, but I had the pleasure this weekend of taking in the Sheepdogs at Echo Beach . By the way if you’ve never seen a concert there it’s a must (You must be glad I’m telling you as summer’s coming to an end). The Sheepdogs absolutely rocked and really are proving my earlier theory that Canada breeds the world’s best artists. Although I was blown away by them my biggest surprise came from opening act Yukon Blonde (who I admittedly never heard of, but left loving). check out your new favourite artist here…and Echo Beach has to be on your bucket list for summer 2013.


Sole Power Hits America’s Got Talent

It’s kind’ve funny they call it America’s Got Talent when not only do they have a Canadian singer but also Sole Power’s Carlena dancing along beside him. We’re proud of both our fellow Canucks. Keep dancing girl, Carlena is gonna be BIG!


Sole Power Sneak Preview

I often have trouble explaining everything Sole Power does (we really do have our hand everywhere). That being said this video does a pretty good job at it. I present to you Sole Power In A Minute