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Sole Power Helps Launch Lipa Green

Last Wednesday was the launch of the newest event space in the Lipa Green building, if you missed out check out the video for a peek at the action.


Zuchter Berk | Bar & Bat Mitzvah Open House | My EventSuite from Corbin Visual on Vimeo.

Some SP With The Airplane Boys

We love local talent…especially GOOD local talent and the Airplane Boys latest video Still Young is not only an awesome track but if you look closely you’ll see a couple of Sole Power staff in the video. Way to go girls.


Ya….We Wouldn’t Hire Her

My biggest problem with video games like DJ Hero is that it really makes DJing seem like “anyone can do it.” (OK I’m a bit of a hypocrite as I was ready to be rockstar after completing foghat’s slow ride on expert on rock band). Thankfully there’s people like Paris Hilton who gave DJing a try in the public eye and completely bombed. Thank you Ms. Hilton for giving us a laugh and proving my point.


Sexiest Song Ever

I’m not really sure what makes a song “sexy” but Billboard seems to know and with that comes the list of the sexiest songs ever.

1.) Physical- Olivia Newton-John

2.) Tonight’s the night- Rod Stewart

3.) I’ll make love to you- Boys II Men

4.) Too close- Next

5.) Let’s get it on- Marvin Gaye

6.) Hot stuff- Donna Summer

7.) Do that to me one more time- Captain and Tennille

8.) Like a virgin- Madonna

9.) Kiss you all over- Exile

10.) Do ya think I am sexy Rod Stewart

Olivia Newton John took the #1 spot. Our vote is definitely for Marvin Gaye. Wow I can’t believe I even posted this.


Evolution of A DJ

They say a picture is worth 1000 words, could this photo be more true. Cheers to technology.


Remembering: SHOWTIME

Videos are great. It’s a way to capture memories of something otherwise forgotten. Thankfully we have the SHOWTIME official video to remind us of the best event expo in the city. Watch, Reminisce, Laugh then join us for the next one on October 11th!


This Guy Scares Me

Sure she’s had a few catchy songs…. but NO ONE should love Miley Cyrus this much. Especially a grown man. This so called “superfan” of Miley Cyrus from Yorkshire England claims to have 15 different tattoos of the 19 year old singer on his body. he posted the pictures online to prove it. EW.


Sole Power’s Newest??

We’re fairly picky with our staff and it often requires a lot to impress us. But these 2 boys put out one simple 3 minute video and we’re ready to bring these guys on board. Hilarious

Party Motivators from Peter Atencio on Vimeo.


Throwback Monday

June 18th 1942 a legend was born. Happy B-day Paul Mccartney who is enjoying his 70th today (I bet it’s easy to enjoy a birthday when you’re worth a billion dollars). In honour here’s a quality list of the 50 Best Beatles Covers. Great way to spend an hour.


You Can Actually Make Money Doing This?!

We love our jobs here and we wouldn’t be good if we didn’t have the passion. Unfortunately passion doesn’t pay the bills and these guys prove you can afford a pretty hefty Visa bill if you’re good at what you do. IMPRESSIVE