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Can’t Get Enough SP Live?

Toronto’s most sought after band continues to amaze as their video for Don’t Stop Believing (also one of my favourite glee songs) has just been released. I’m just mad I didn’t make an appearance in the background of this one.


Talented Artists Over Here

As stated in a previous post we do love “Draw Something’. As you definitely know about us we are passionate about our entertainment staff (which definitely includes a wide variety of DJs), So when the word DJ (only a 2coin) came across my option list. I had to take it. See the results. Not bad eh?


Sole Power Taking Over

You read the blog, you follow the tweets, you tag the facebook posts…. time to add to your list of to-dos by following Sole Power on Instagram. Not a big reading fan, instagram is the perfet way to stay in the loop through pics. Add it.


Last Chance To Cheer (Hope They Give Us A Reason To)

This Thursday marks the end of a disappointing season for the Toronto Raptors. No playoffs, no surprising star player, no high draft pick but hey… a couple nights of free pizza by hitting 100 points doesn’t hurt. Although the on the court Raptors have fallen a little below expectations, the future is bright and the energy around the building from contests, to half-time shows to community involvement has been SPECTACULAR. If you haven’t been to a game this year this Thursday is a great chance as the Raptors present FANAPALOOZA, a great night at the ACC.  Sole Power’s own Mayhem’s Finest will be there spreading some Raptors love. If you see the boys definitely give say hi. We’ll get em next year Toronto. Go Raps.


Costume Day At Work

What’s the secret to a great work environment? Costume days of course. Today Sole Power is having it’s very own, dress as your favourite musical act day. The winning costume has to go to Matt, representing his boys in LMFAO. Great work Matt.



Dick Clark: Legend

1957: The cold war, Elvis on TV and a Canadian team winning a stanley cup…. man that was a good year.

Also was the year the legendary Dick Clark got his start as a DJ. A major player in the world of music ever since, the world lost a pioneer today as Dick Clark died at 82. Coined “America’s Oldest Teenager”, Clark’s sign-off salute will go down in history. Today we all salute back.


If You Can’t Be There…. Write About It.

For those of you lucky enough to be at Coachella (Sole Power staff members are in attendance… I am not… and wishing I was) you have had the privilege of seeing the corresponding pics live. You’re also probably not checking your favourite blog for updates as you’re basking in the Cali sun. Here’s a taste for those of you like me.


Toronto Event Update!

Already finalized which summer concerts and festivals are on your itinerary? Squeeze in some extra space at the beginning of August as our friends at Downsview Park are throwing quite possibly the event of the season. Check it.


Our Second Favourite Hockey Team

We do love the Maple Leafs here at Sole Power but also recognize that although we bleed blue and white that doesn’t stop us from enjoying the Stanley Cup Playoffs while our boys in blue hit the golf course. With that being said here are the official Sole Power staff Stanley Cup predictions.

Teri: Washington Capitals- “I gotta support my boy Ovie”

Matt Roy: Nashville Predators- “Their captain grows the best playoff beard”

Abby: Vancouver Canucks- “Their leather snapback looks the best on me”

Brandon Klein: New York Rangers- “I used to play with their defenceman Del Zotto”

Edan: Florida Panthers- “They’re starting center is Jewish”

Stokes: Pittsburgh Penguins- “It’s the only other team I know” (Note: At first he said Winnipeg Jets until I informed him they weren’t in the playoffs)


Winner gets the winning teams jersey from the Sole Power jersey inventory



YO! Sole Power DJ’s Can Do More Than Mix

All that time spent spinning discs has left some Sole Power DJ’s with some pretty good hand-eye coordination. Check out these videos as Sole Power’s own Justin and Spencer show us some pretty legitimate yo-yo tricks… Next week we’re gonna see if they can do those and DJ at the same time. Stay tuned.