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Sole Power’s Own Justin Croker Gets Featured

Some artsy pieces go way above my head. This is one of them, but it does feature one of Sole Power’s top DJ’s Justin. After watching all the interviews I’m not only convinced he’s the most down to earth, but also the best speaker. Atta boy Justin. Check it out here.


You Heard It Here First- Juno 2012 Predictions

If there’s 2 things I both like and am good at it’s music (being immersed in it daily helps) and predictions (I correctly predicted Avatar would not win best picture). So why not combine the 2 passions into the official Sole Power 2012 Juno award predictions. Feel free to steal these and impress your friends or just mock me the morning after for my horrendous choices.

Album of The Year: Michael Buble- although I personally think he’s done better, I’ve never heard of an album loved by so many at the same time. This is a no-brainer.

New Artist of the Year: The Sheepdogs. If you haven’t heard of them…do it now. They are going to be huge and it all starts with this award.

Artist of The Year: I really really really wanna say Deadmau5….. but I have a feeling City and Colour is going to squeek one out, especially if the win the….

Fan Choice Award: which they won’t because that’s going to the Biebs.


Tune in April 1st to see me fail miserably.


If You Wanna Thank Drake Later… Here’s Where He’ll Be

I’m sure Drake’s a busy guy. Writing music, performing at concerts, awards shows, talk shows, signing autographs and I guess enjoying a bit of the coolest life ever. But that doesn’t mean he forgot his roots as this recent pic shows, Drake still has time for synagogue.  What a nice Jewish boy.


For One Night It Was Soul Power

Adding a little funk to their night was Sole Power’s own Brandon, Bo, Sarah, Shawn and Tactix who decided to go a little retro while working at 6 degrees night club. We love the glove Brandon!


Sole Power Live Round 2

Just when I thought I couldn’t be more impressed with SP Live they have to go and release their new video of a Medley Of Songs which to be honest, I’ve already put on repeat 14 times…. and it’s not even 2pm. Enjoy SP Live killing it the studio, and from the looks of it having a pretty damn good time too.


Ask And You Shall Receive

The #1 request we get about the blog is to post KnK remixes ASAP. It’s obvious the boys are taking the world by storm and we’ve officially been put on notice. The newest KnK Remix is just as amazing. Enjoy.


Who Doesn’t Love A Good Cover

You don’t often hear Katy Perry and Jay-Z mentioned in the same sentence, but here’s the exception. Recently, Katy performed a cover to Kanye and Jay-Z’s In Paris, yes the same girl that also had Rebecca Black in her video. It’s no easy task to replicate the amazingness of that anthem, but Katy does a pretty damn good job. Good on you girl.

Check out Katys  In Paris.


Game of The Week: Draw Something

So I don’t really get suckered into the world of trendy addicting games…. but there’s something about Draw Something that keeps me coming back.

1. On the new Ipad it’s so easy

2. Brings me back to my childhood of playing pictionary

3. Nothing more fun than drawing shutter shades when trying to get your friends to guess Kanye.

In a week I bet this fad dies… in the meantime, I’m practicing my doodling.



My 2 Favourite Devices In 1!

The Iphone might be the hottest device on the planet right now. In the 90s that device was the original Nintendo Game Boy. Now you can combine the two with the release of the silcone Game Boy skin for Iphone. Quite possibly the greatest thing to happen to a cell phone since Snake.


This Day In History

After celebrating some amazing music yesterday, I figured I’d take the opposite route today. March 14th is the one year anniversary of the worst song of all time. On this day in 2011Rebecca Black’s Friday was officially released (good to know a year later nobody cares and she has zero relevance). So why do I bring it up? Well we all need to learn from other’s mistakes…. and it really puts the talent level of SP Live into perspective. Also looking at her hits in graph form is hilarious…. Love the spikes on Friday.