Archive: February 2012 - Sole Power Productions
Our New Office?

Sole Power recently moved offices and we couldn’t be happier with the change. Great location, sleek, modern and fun our new office is a great place to work. There is one place in Huainan City , China however that makes us even a little jealous. Take a look below…coolest concept for an office ever? Maybe, but it must be pretty hard to tune.



A Sucker For Toronto

Ya, I know. Just a short while ago, we posted a blog entry about Toronto, but when you live in one of the greatest cities in the world why not embrace it?  This Pet Shop Boys parody has a few hilarious Toronto stereotypes and some clever lyrics to boot. If you don’t enjoy the song (might not be everyone’s cup of tea) you can at least say “hey I know that spot”. (That’s really mostly what I did.)


Locked Out of Heaven – Brian Melo

Home – Brian Melo

Pumped Up Kicks – Brian Melo

Born This Way – Brian Melo

Someone Like You – Brian Melo

Just Can’t Get Enough – Brian Melo

At Last – The Digs

The Digs Medley Live