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Did The Raptors Commit A Jersey Foul?

I’m as patriotic as the next Canuck, but I’m not sure I would stand on guard for these. The Raptors unveiled their tribute to the military uniforms, which as an idea I actually love, just wish the design was one that didn’t leave me squinting at my monitor. Either way we’re excited to see the Raps back this season, especially at their home opener December 28th, featuring some SP staff on-court. Maybe they can tell the execs that although we’re all for supporting the troops maybe some retro jerseys with proceeds going to the troops would be a better idea? Go Raps Go


Gifts Nobody Needs, But Some May Like

It’s that time of year. You know the one, when you spend 45 minutes looking for a parking spot at Yorkdale just so you could find a gift for your cousins new girlfriends sister. Well, I’m not here to give you surefire, can’t-miss gifts but rather the hilarious, I can’t believe people bought this but I kinda want one too gifts.

1.  The GlowBar

The name is pretty self-explanatory. A glow-in-the-dark crowbar, you know for those times when you need to pry something open….in laser quest?  On the brightside (pun intended) this is an awesome way to make giving a crowbar as a gift cool.

2. ShockBall


Another name that suits a product well. This is the 21st century version of hot potato. That’s right, pass the shockball around until randomly the shockball emits a mild electric shock through your body…doesn’t that sound like fun? for $14 we think it’s worth the laughs, but will probably end up next to your devil sticks and pogs by March.

Happy Holidays


Dance Is Here To Stay

I take a look at some of the reality shows trending and there’s not a doubt in my mind, many will have their time come to an end. Weight loss shows, shows about brides, getting out of debt, hoarding, and surviving on a deserted island will all be a thing of the past at some point. The art of dance however, isn’t going anywhere. I’ll admit I was not sold at first with ‘dancing with the star’s, ‘so you think you can dance’ and my personal guilty pleasure ‘America’s best dance crew’, but these shows have showed true longevity and actually inspire others to take up the craft. Which brings me to my link of the day, Les Twins.

These twenty-something twins from France have taken the world by storm (and that’s no surprise if you clicked the link). At Sole Power we definitely appreciate quality hip-hop dancers (and dancers from all disciplines for that matter) and want to make sure to spread the art form so everyone can enjoy and be inspired…. And then when you’re super-talented, come work for us.


Most Fascinating People Of 2011- Agree or Disagree?

The annual list of the most “fascinating” people of the year was just released. We could just accept the list and share with you, but where’s the fun in that. We figured we’d also give our 2 cents.

Most Fascinating People of 2011

10  Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family)- We find them hilarious, so we’re happy they’re on here.
9  Simon Cowell- He was a little more fascinating 5 years ago…same ol’ thing with Simon
8  The Kardashians- Definitely a guilty pleasure, and a deserved on the list
7  Herman Cain- Pretty smart guy, we’d definitely have him speak at our staff meetings
6  Katy Perry- Our events would have a little less fun without Katy, she could make this list yearly
5  Derek Jeter- Another woulda been good on this list a decade ago… If you’re gonna pick an athlete, how bout Tebow?
4  Donald Trump- We don’t know about fascinating, but seeing the plans for Trump Tower in Toronto are pretty impressive, can’t wait for our first event there.
3  Amanda Knox- Sad, controversial story. definitely a downer on the list but can”t argue with her spot on it.
2  Pippa Middelton- More fascinating than the Royal Couple? We agree, and love her fashion sense.
1  Steve Jobs- Revolutionized technology. No one can disagree with this one. Sole Power Office Phone Tally- Iphone: 5 Blackberry: 3



Why I Love ShowTime

Yes, I’m aware that this a Sole Power blog so the bias is obvious, but I’m gonna take that out of my mind as I write about the best event expo by far.

I’ve been to a few expos (as both vendor and attendee) and to me it comes down to 3 elements.

1. Quality- Every vendor at the show is GOOD. There has been many shows with many great people but then the odd “I can’t believe anyone pays this person money to do that” vendor. To me Showtime does the leg work. Sure some are more or less expensive, some are more retro, some more modern but at the end of the day, whatever way your style, budget, and friends are leading you. You’re gonna be in good hands with a Showtime vendor.

2. Rarity- Showtime doesn’t happen every month… it doesn’t even happen every season. It’s twice a year. That leaves months in between events for me to get excited (same as daylight savings…except I only get excited to turn the clocks back). It also means vendors only have 2 chances a year to bring out their newest, coolest stuff…none of this “Oh I’ll just do that the next time.”

3. Fun- Walking around I sometimes feel like I’m AT party. I realize I’m hearing great music, eating sushi and dessert, have a flipbook in my hand and I just won a prize… probably the best way to do ‘research’ there is. So although its still about 3 months away, the Showtime excitement has already started. It also has allowed me 5 minutes to think happy thoughts before I go back to the grind of holiday shopping.


Can’t Get Away From Drake!

With already a couple mentions in the SP blog, we we’re trying to have a Drake-Free day. Well we just couldn’t help ourselves after we saw this hardcore fan. In Free Spirit you can hear ““Tat my name on you so I know it’s real.”  But this is a little overboard don’t ya think?


Toronto’s Got Talent

When we think of local hip-hop talent, one name immediately comes to mind. Drake. From Forest Hill Elementary School student, to Mega-Worldwide Superstar, there’s no doubt Drake has come a long way in a short time. But as recently as last week, there’s been proof he’s not the only talented one from the area. Growing up just walking distance from Drake, 12 year old Jake Zeldin can spit rhymes pretty well, and last week he proved it to the superstar himself. Check out the Jake-Drake Connection, as well as this article on this pretty awesome kid from right in your backyard. Know someone with great talent as well? Post a comment telling us more.



Happy Birthday To Us!

This weekend makes it 9 years since little baby Sole Power entered the world. Still growing… and getting better everyday. 4 years till Sole Power’s Bar Mitzvah…. I wonder whose gonna DJ it?


When Has A Trend Run It’s Course?

We love a good link as much as anyone. We can spare a minute in our day to watch a funny video or look at a rare picture that’s making headlines. The latest video we’ve come across is this one Rock of Ages: Jewish Version. Now we’ll admit it’s clever, well put together and relevant (the holiday is only 2 weeks away) but this is the fifth Jewish parody in this calendar year! (Our favourite is still Jewish and I know it).  Just think how much we’d actually enjoy this new video if we didn’t have to compare it to it’s predecessors! For the record, from our research, the songs”Candle Light” by the Maccabeats, started this trend…. yet we all still know what the best Chanukah song is….

Same goes for flash mobs… still amazing be to be a part of or see live… but the videos just don’t cut it anymore. We’re on the lookout for something new and fresh. C’mon youtube generation, let’s use our creativity.


C’mon Madonna, Let Us Make Your Setlist

We do know Madonna will be performing at the Super Bowl half-time show (just announced today) and we do know she will do everything in her power to avoid a wardrobe malfunction, but we don’t know what songs she’ll be singing. The Sole Power crew think’s it should have a little something to do with the teams involved. So here’s our picks based on teams that could be in the big game

Dallas Cowboys- American Pie (2000)- Think of America and two things that immediately come to mind, pie and the big D star. What a perfect song choice if America’s team is in the game.

Green Bay Packers- Frozen (1998)- With the Packers playing all their playoff games at home in the frozen tundra this song is only fitting.

New England Patriots- Vogue (1990)- The poster boys for the NFL the last decade, this team would have no problem striking a few poses for Super Bowl pictures. Doesn’t hurt that their star player is also married to a Victoria Secret model.

Baltimore Ravens- Ray of Light (1998)- Ray Rice, Ray Lewis, it’d be a nice tribute to 2 of the biggest stars in the league

SolePower Flag Football Team- Like A Prayer (1989)- Hey, we can dream can’t we?