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Deadmau5 and AMAZING Effects…. Anything To Sell a Phone

Although I’m still unsure of any of the features this phone has, we love Deadmau5 and love cool images…so combine the 2 with thousands of screaming fans…. Ya, that’s post-worthy. Check it


Deadmau5 in London

I Could NEVER See The Magic Eye Image!

Remember being on the playground when a friend says “hey look at this picture, if you stare close enough a 3-D image pops out.”? Well no matter how long I looked at that thing I could never see it. I’m almost over it.  Then there’s this guy Liu Bolin, who takes it to a whole new level and actually makes himself a 3-D image. Let us know if your next event is ‘Soda Pop” themed so we can paint your DJ like this.



Retro+Fashionable= Awesome

The Sole Power team averages about 32 pairs of fresh kicks per team member, and this pair would definitely make a good addition to the Sole Power collection . Custom kicks are definitely in and not going anywhere.  Check out the full gallery at


Honestly… How Good Was ‘Watch The Throne’

One of the best concerts we’ve ever been to! So happy we could send a lucky Sole Power facebook follower (and an even luckier friend of that follower!) to see Kanye and Jay Z . Don’t forget to follow us on facebook for more contests and updates.



Need A Glee Fix? Check Our List

Although we love Thanksgiving for the food and Black Friday, we don’t love that some of our favourite shows took a week off. So to get out glee fix we give you our top 10 Glee songs so far.

10. Rumour Has It/ Someone Like You Mashup

9. Don’t Stop Believing

8. Empire State of Mind

7. Listen

6. Run The World (Girls)

5. Halo/Walking on Sunshine

4. Marry You

3. Defying Gravity

2. Poker Face

1. Singing in The Rain/Umbrella


Aaron Rodgers Works At Sole Power?!

Aaron Rodgers leads the Green Bay Packers to ANOTHER win on Thanksgiving keeping them undefeated. As he walked off the field though we thought “Could Aaron and Abby T be long lost brothers?!” we think so.


Sole Power Invades Blogging World

Being a part of hundreds of events a year, managing the coolest, hottest performers in the industry, and working with some of the best talent in the entertainment world has lead to a lot of people saying….. “We wish you’d share what’s happening with us as it’s happening!” Well in true Sole Power fashion, we deliver the goods. This is the official launching of the Sole Power blog! Wanna know what’s new in the DJ world? What’s hot in the fashion, sports, media, music, or random hillariousness? Sole Power blog brings it to you. Feel free to comment, make jokes, ask questions, make more jokes and join the Sole Power family online.